Can’t find a decent open source java based wiki

Written on January 7, 2008 – 12:00 am | by mpayne

I admit, early on in the process, the bar was set pretty high with Jive’s Clearspace. Honestly I think it is awesome. Great layout, multiple wiki spaces, personal blogs, forums, polls, LDAP authenication and killer intergation with openfire chat server.

However Clearspace is not open source and its pricing is out of reach at this point in time. I am trying to introduce the wiki as a pilot to a techie and non techie work enviroment. (Maybe at a little point in time)

Look little at JSPWiki, overall I thought it was a little raw for a non-techie corporate enviroment.

XWiki seemed a little better in terms of features. I like the fact individual users can have their own blogs.
It also seems to have the concept of a discussion forum.
I wish it had more than one theme.
Its overall all look and feel is unpolished in some areas and acceptable in others. There are some very good features that are by default not obvious to the overall navigation.

The deal breaker is XWiki is "slop". Its not packaged together with care, just slopped together. This becomes obvious with one look at the WEB-INF\lib directory in recent downloadable .war archives.

Half of the jars is that directory are not need.
I am not intimate with the code, but just glancing the surface the following are build time only jars

  • ant-1.6.5.jar
  • ant-1.7.0.jar
  • ant-launcher-1.7.0.jar
  • antlr-2.7.6rc1.jar
  • jmock-1.0.1.jar
  • junit-3.8.1.jar
  • jtidy-8.0-20060801.131059-3-dev.jar

After that, there are two caching implementations ehcache-1.1.jar, oscache-2.3.2-xwiki.jar.
XML api’s appear rundant as well re: jdom AND dom4j.
Pick one
It uses hibernate for persistance so I imagine not oe ever cleaned out what hibernate shipped with vs. what you actually need for your implementation.

Hopefully someone cleans this up, I was considering XWiki, but in its current form, it leaves the impression that it wasn’t packaged with care.

I am open to other suggestions. Perhaps even outside the java area. Deki is a consideration, its clean but would perfer that the wiki also allow individuals to have their personal blog/journals.

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