Struts2 needs better Sitemesh Support

Written on November 11, 2008 – 12:26 pm | by mpayne

If one looks at the sitemesh 2.3 example application, an application can have both Freemarker and JSP decorators.

In addition, one has very flexible usage of sitemesh tag libs from with a decorator.

For instance one can reference freemarker’s taglib within freemarker via.
<#assign page=JspTaglibs["/WEB-INF/sitemesh-page.tld"]>

This allows one to include decorated external content from within a freemarker decorator.
e.g. <@page.applyDecorator page=”/google.html” name=”panel” />

—> more complete example that works in Sitemesh “Vanilla”.

<#assign page=JspTaglibs["/WEB-INF/sitemesh-page.tld"]>
<title>Freemarker Decorator - ${title}</title>
<link href=”${base}/decorators/main.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

<div id=”pageTitle”>${title}</div>

<@page.applyDecorator page=”/google.html” name=”panel” />
<div id=”footer”>
<b>Disclaimer:</b> This site is an example site to demonstrate SiteMesh. It serves no other purpose.

There does not have look like there has been much movement one these issues.  Once fixed I am hoping we can

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